Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Memorables

... in the year of 2008

1 Dublin Trip
- 19th-22nd March
Bpeng, Peiman, Jocelyn, Ruby and me went to Dublin, Ireland during our Easter break.
A relaxing and comfortable sight seeing trip with nice friends.
Although my wallet was stolen by a @#$%^& Italian guy on last day. (爱尔兰之旅 - 小偷篇)

2 End of my Voluntary Work - 13th March
Started my voluntary work for the University Student Union Next Step Kids after school social club from 1st of November in 2007
A great and useful experience for me
A good way of getting to know local people and learn more about their cultures
It's taken many of my first time in the UK (e.g. bowling, playing basketball)

3 Final Exam of my 2nd year - 6th-15th May
Having 5 exam and had been doing revision like no life..
(I just need to mention something academically.. but I have nothing much to say about it)

4 My 21st Birthday!! - 17th June
Celebrating it at home.
Being at home itself could make me feel more than happy : )

5 Redang Trip - 18th-20th June
Went to Redang for the first time with my high school friends - Bpeng, KokChin, Neo, WaiSiang, Zhanyi, WinWin, JingLeek
It's just good to be with good old friends...

6 Langkawi Trip - 15th-17th July
Papa, Mama, Erge, 2nd bro's Gf, Ahjeh, me
Guess it's the only family trip in my memory, although gogo was still in Sabah that time
Enjoyed it very much, relaxing..
It's just damn syok.. to be with family : )
Saw penguins for the first time in the Underwater World

7 Vietnam Trip - 26th-30th July
Pama have been doing lots of travelling since their retirement
This is the only one I was involved..
Had learnt lots of their culture and experience different things..
Love to travel with parents, you just wouldn't have to worry about anything,
bring your body and heart, the rest, mama will worry about it! : P

8 Best Summer in Malaysia - 12th June- 6th Sept.
Gatherings with high school friends, ELS friends, prefects, KMT friends, and some random friends..
Being companion of pama going everywhere and anywhere,
and they were with me while buying stuff and preparing to come to the UK
Learnt that there are friends who are always best friends of yours, no matter how long you guys don't meet each other

9 International Student Welcome Event - 10th-12th Sept.
Flied back to the UK early to be one of the helpers in the welcome event
I was incharged picking up those new comers in both train and coach stations (and lucky enough to pick most of the new Malaysians)
Great to work with other international students like Rita (Hungary), Mateus (Poland), Olga (Poland), Naina (Germany), Sharon (China), etc etc
Thanks to Cathy Green for giving such a opportunity

10 Beginning of the final year of my degree
- 22nd Sept.
Incredibly, it's now my final year and I've to do dissertation apart from those conventional assignments and exams..

11 Back to work in Primark
- 4th Oct.
The place that I've been working for 2 years
Most of the nice colleagues left unfortunately : (

12 Started my new blog - 17th Oct.
Moved my blog from Window Live Spaces to here.

13 Parties, Parties & Parties

Karthik's 21st birthday - 10th Oct.

Halloween's party- 31st Oct.

Jeffrey's 21st birthday- 1st Nov.

Angeline's birthday at Nando's- 23rd Nov.

Kian's 21st birthday- 2nd Dec.

Winter solstice- having tangyuan at Sammi's house - 22nd Dec

Christmas Dinner - 24th Dec.

and more nice and friendship building gatherings ...

14 Austria Skiing Trip - 13th-20th Dec.
Bpeng, Jeffrey, Kian, Jocelyn, Shinyee
First time of skiing and playing with lots snow, great views and experience..
One of the most wonderful and enjoyable trip..

Here comes to the end of the year 2008
and.. Happy New Year 2009!!!
May everyone has a healthy and blessed year : )


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