Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!!

It's Christmas day and I'm going to spend it at home : (
supposed to be going to church this morning,
but the warm bed was so tempting that I decided to spend more time with it XD
Then this afternoon Jeff and me should be paying a visit to Jon Travers and family, and have a christmas meal with them
but don't know why so suey,
one of their family has small stoke and is now in hospital,
so (being really kind and lovely) they decided to postpone the meal to this Sunday
it's actually kind of relief for me too, because I was so sick yesterday
and I prefer to be healthy and good when I see them .. haha
still looking forward to it,
just wondering whether the flower we bought for them can last so long or not

The flower that costs only £5 with little bell on it..

Yesterday we had a Christmas dinner and got the present from Secret Santa
my secret santa is Marvin and I've got Twister from him
Thank youuu : )
(it's actually not that pek cek to receive present like this la okkk XD)

My Christmas present, from secret santa Marvin

I bought Jocelyn a book - White Tiger by Aravind Adiga, who won the Man Booker Prize 2008 with his first novel!
I suppose that's the kind of book she likes
hope that's a really nice book la, because I chose it finally among a few other books and things like spa soap, music box...
There were many other "interesting" presents, like Milo, packs of tissue, instant noodles etc

Anyway, Happy Christmas!! Hope everyone is having a good one.. : )


Peng said...

wah~ really shuey lo! got stroke during Xmas...

eh~ how is your flower d, i mean the hyacinth.

Twister, insane gameXD

huibee said...

ya lor.. esp for them who see so much on x'mas ..

started edy, but not growing yet, just grew a bit roots now.. it seems you're more ganjiong than me.. ha

insane? XD that day saw them playing, guess it's a good way to exercise too.. XD

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