Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Despise those who never respect their friends and instead, use lots of lies and hypocritical acts to treat their so-called old friend.

Despise those people, who when in need, wants your comfort, love, help, care; when they don't, treat you like shit!!

Despise those who set themselves as the centre of their lives, and want others to revolve around them and act in accordance with them! Who do they think they are?

That's not how friends should be.

P.S. I'm not involved directly in the whole incidents.. Just feel like grumbling, and.. that's it! : )


Alice See S.Y said...

grumble whatever you want, just make sure dont carry it to 2009. =)

new year is coming, enjoy the better year ahead la!!

ck said...

hhhmmm...friend is all a mutual thing...if it juz cant b, then juz b da "normal" fren..

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