Saturday, December 27, 2008



我该怎么办? :'(


summer said...


Gra.Feei.tude said...

hi ah bee,

eh sry ah coz i seldom checked comments on old post so i jz saw ur comment recently * a lil bit too long ago i noe * hey it's ok i m alright jz a lil bit of grumbling smtm, will 4get right afta 10 mins if got sum1 manja & sayang me balik haha:D i wont deny tht i keep smtng deep down in my heart but it's not tht easy 4 me to spit it out, not tht i dun treat u as a fren or wat, hmm jz treat it as my lil secret then, haha who wouldn't have a secret *wink* but very happy tht u viewed my blog n concerned abt me. i'm once ur fren n wll owez do, u too, if u got anytng 1 2 tell me, jz tell me if u 1, i m so far away frm u now *in d aspect of distance n closeness* not sure we can still chat like d old time not, although not da machi u mention here, although not thinking of u all da time*haha i admit this*
but i'll still rmb u as my fren, will missing u smtm too.
so be happy la, when r u coming bac? u hvnt met cheryl yet oh~my b'day going 2 com d! i 1 presents :)


Alice See S.Y said...
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Alice See S.Y said...

the best time to learn is when those whom you can count on aren't by your side.

ck said...

rite, learn urself!

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