Tuesday, December 02, 2008


In the Psychology and Crime lecture today,
Claire said that in the year of 1997, the risk of becoming a victim of crime in England and Wales is 33.3%, according to the British Crime Survey, which does the report annually
This means every 1 in 3 persons would have been a victim in the past year
It also represents that in 3 years time, we all will have at least been victimised once
(This is her interpretation, I don't really agree though)
What do you think?

my first thought:
It's now 2.5 year I'm in the England
so I'm supposed to be victimised in the rest half year lor, right?
Besides, if it was 33% in the England and Wales
Can you imagine what it would be like back in Malaysia???
I mean, for example la,
whenever you go mamak with a few friends,
there must be at least one person had their mobile stolen
at least one person experienced thief entered their house (mine was one)
at least one person had their car stolen etc etc
So I'm, sort of predicting how it is like in M'sia
Is it everyone will at least kena once every year?
(know what, when I was writing note during the lecture, I nearly wrote the word "kena" for so many times.. it's such a brilliant word invented by the Malays!)
Well, anyway
it is also very important to note that,
approximately 2%-3% of the population are actually the victims of 1/4-1/3 of the crimes
If you get what I mean,
it's actually some more vulnerable people who get repeat victimization..
Also, I just checked the Home Office site, the rate is now much lower
it's about 22% in the 2007-08, if you really have a bit of time
read the summary of the report, you may find some even interesting information
e.g. Men (age 16-24) were almost twice as likely as women to have been victims of violence..!

OK. anyway, today is the last lecture of the module Psy and Crime (Forensic Psychology)
which is one of the modules I've enjoyed the most
I've always convinced people around me that Psy and Law modules are always interesting
(they are also the only modules that I had to do pages of note in each lecture)
and whenever I was attending the lectures
I would be thinking sharing some information I've learnt that day in my blog
But.. hmmm.. I do so until it's now my last lecture!! =/ piece of shit ..


ck said...

lolll...every1 once a year sound 2 less =.= bt oso same lah sum ppl kena more

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