Friday, December 12, 2008

It's tomorrow!

Tomorrow we all are going to ski already..!!
This time tomorrow I would be in Austria ..!!
to ski, to play with lots of snow!!!
Actually I'm not as excited as previously was.. Feel like a bit strange leaving my sweet bed, room and laptop la.. =/
Hahahaha.. I'm always like that
because last time (europe, we're coming) when we went to Italy and France I felt the same
Hopefully everything will be fine la
because those lecturers and people around are trying to scare us.. so bad!!
Previously when I asked my sis about the details
it already sounds a bit horrible, because she kept saying things like
"need to be... so that when you fall down won't...; can't be..., so that when you fall down won't.."
"Huh?? we will keep falling down one ar..." =/
Then that day we mentioned to Hazel and Dai (our lecturers),
they asked us not to have broken legs and arms back..!!
Dai said he hurt his thumb also.. =/
Doesn't it sound... horrible?
This morning I talked with my parents
I guess papa is a bit worried la..
Few years ago when I was at home and my sis went skiing in Canada
papa was worried too..
So I promised to be very careful : )
Anyway, they wouldn't scare me off
as so far whoever went skiing before, all love the experience sooo much!!
OK, will be back 8 days later..

Let's enjoy it to the fullest.. and.. wish us luck!! : )


puipui said...

good luck!!! enjoy yaaa~

Alice See S.Y said...

they just wanna frighten you la..
dont worry..though you will fall basically everytime you try to get down the slope..but after you know the skill it will be ok.. =)

enjoy you skiing me!! it's damn fun..even you might have lotsa bruises after that but you'll find everything worth the pain.

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