Monday, November 24, 2008


We are going to SKI in Austria!!
please, please tell me you're jealous okkk? : P

Hahahahah.. basically I have lots work before I can really enjoy it
and have been really really exhausted these days
guess I just need a good rest, back to work,
and next ready for our trip!! : )


EngLee said...

I'm jealous.

NoBle said...

me too

Peng said...

SERIOUSLY!? AUSTRIA!? OMG.. tht sound of music?!
so nice!!!!

next time wanna go melbourne for skiing also !!

huibee said...

Now I feel so bad making you all jealous.. =/
I'll share lots photos and try to bring back some snow okk? : )

hahaha.. have your HOT x'mas first la!
so fast think about your winter

ck said...

yohhh damn jealous lah wehh...send me sum snow ok?? XD

Alice See S.Y said...

hmmm..i'm not jealous!! hahaha so dont feel bad..

i cancelled my egypt and turkey trip already..coz decided to go back and spend CNY with family..this makes me happier than going for trip.. =D

huibee said...

take leave and come with me la..!!
otherwise.. i can treat you ais kacang..

hahaha.. ok luuu..
good la! i havent celebrated CNY for few years edy : (
2010!! 2010 i will be there..!!
send me some cookies ok! : P

Ng said...

I A-M N-O-T J-E-A-L-O-U-S !!


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