Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cry on my shoulder

What's the point people spreading rumour that even themselves know its not truth?
Why would people hurt others deliberately when they wouldn't really gain anything?
Is anguishing others sometimes a kind of benefit for some people?


Life said...

any particular meaning behind what's written?
or just random thoughts?

huibee said...

hmmm.. you guess?

btw you're really damn fast in reading my new posts la weh..

Life said...

im guessing that there's meaning behind but not related to yourself...what say you? =P

fast = nothing to do = procrastinating

huibee said...

whoaa.. damn geng!!
i dont normally have random thought actually..
i mean there must be something that make me think and wonder.. (behaviourism..)
but anyway you're right
it's not really related to me
although it does bother me.. that's why i blog about it!

i also feel like im in holiday mood edy! cham! how!

Alice See S.Y said...

lazy ppl always in holiday mood...haha..especially me..feel like having vacation while having exams..hahahaha

hmmm..about ur post..most ppl are like that..just for the sake of amusing themselves and others. rumours are pretty entertaining..nice to spread..nice to hear..everyone enjoys stories..but never there is anyone tries to understand the pain they might cause on others.. my opinion..most ppl know it's not a right thing to do..but they be ignorant so that they wont feel guilty.

honestly..though i know it's bad..but still i love to hear rumours. and that's why there are people who love to spread it.. everything comes in a circle right??!!

ck said...

wat happen?? u better dun take 2 much burden of other k?

i agree wit alice....ppl juz like story dats y you3 gong1 2 ying4 although i guess most ppl r aware dat could b hurtful

btw any meaning sharin da song? :P

huibee said...

no i dont think people are aware that those are hurtful
perhaps only those that have been hurt deeply would really realize that..
i do agree, as most people, i love stories too
i mean its also a means to know people around you and to talk and laugh about while gathering
but it's still very important to find out whether those so called rumour/story are truth..
sometimes it's just not "worth"
because some rumours can be so hurtful yet they are not really amusing ...

but haih.. right. it is just circular
and it seems nothing much can be done

Alice See S.Y said...

there are too many things that can't be done..
just do what you think you should do.. you can't expect the same from others.

sushiking said...

hei thanks for visiting my blog~~`
i'm so surprised man~~~~~haha
about ur post...i have nothing to say.....
well some ppl just say anything without thinking others feeling and it's like a lot of ppl will do that~~~~~
maybe they are not hurt by ppl before so they wouldn't feel it?
or they just do it purposely
agree with alice again.... you can't expect the same from others

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