Monday, November 17, 2008

A parcel

this afternoon i made myself a very delicious tuna potato salad
then heard somebody knocking on the door
wondering who that could be, i opened the door
OMG..!!! i saw a parcel!!
i knew that was mine..!! absolutely! definitely!
he started asking me my surname, initial, etc
i wasn't concentrating "cant you just give me the box and leave!!"
- nearly say that..
then he let me sign on the machine
i said "i've been waiting for it for 2 months!"
"oh? what's it?"
"ehmm.. some stuff from my family.." a smile..
from his facial expression, i know he felt my happiness!!
(and probably thinking "this job is all worthwhile now..")
hahahaha.. felt like hugging him that time..
when he left, bpeng was coming back
i showed her the box, and moved it to my room
next i called my mum immediately, thought it was just 10.30pm in m'sia
but my mum picked with a sleepy tone
.. lol.. i forgot it's now +8 not +7... -_-"

this is it!!
with a very nice handwritting, isn't it?

its not very big.. XD
ok... so what's it inside?

oh my DELL laptop!!

hahahhahaha.. basically it's just some food and shoes and shampoo etc
(yea, im damn cerewet, i dont buy shampoo here in the uk!)
packed by myself and sent by me and my parents on 7th of september (the day i departed from m'sia..)
thanks to Pos Malaysia- your trusted partner
it's cheap, rm70+ to send 10kg, (rm110 for 20kg if im not mistaken)
(you could check the price here, but i cant find either uk or england on the drop down list -_-")
although it took 2 months 1 week 3 days to arrive.. =/
but .. yea la, you can always send with FedEx, 3 days only but it costs you rm500 for 25kg
these are not something important la.. not worth the money..
i thought it could have been with some body else..
i thought it wouldn't arrive..
i had been wondering whether i was sueyy
hahahahaha.. anyway
it's now here!!

pos malaysia, you didnt disappoint me..!

update: just chatted with joce, she said her parcel arrived today as well!
so we suppose our parcels have been friends for months.. lol


Alice See S.Y said...

i got mine through DHL!!..hahaha
yaya..honestly..receiving parcel is the best thing when you are in oversea. =)

huibee said...

yes i agree
but actually a little small card or something i also feel very happy edy..
as long as it's not posts from banks or that kind useless thingy..!! haha..

do you want some milo? : P

Peng said...

WoW! this is really so nice, though it's been two months ago.

Why is your dell box so big huh....

You know what, if this parcel come to Australia, I think only half of the box will reach my hand...

MILO!!! I WANt!!!

huibee said...

why? because of the custom?
last time my family sent by fedex, even leceh -_-"
maybe by sea not so strict..

you're going back what..
go back only drink la!
somemore, if i send my milo to you
the milo would have 走很多冤枉路.. XDXD

Peng said...

Becuz many foods will be quarantined.... especially milo.... for sure cant enter australia......

Alice See S.Y said...

russia also quite strict..but my mum declared everything during could be delivered to me fren's one kena tendang balik..

u wanna send milo to me ah?? nice.. but it's ok la..i dont really drink milo herbs and stuff or not..send it to me la..hahaha =)

Jocelyn said...

why your parcel so much bigger than mine 1!!!!!
haha... i think my one only half of yours...
aiyor... see you so excited i also feel excited d..
haha... i send 3-4 times by shipment d...
they are really good... that's why i keep recommend to you and bee peng:) but this time is the longest time I have been waited la...
normally take less then 2 months 1:) hahaha... i think my parcel mis with your parcel really well la! hahahaha... next time send again lu....

huibee said...

i heard about that also..
drink milk la~ their milk is nice.. cheap somemore!

actually last time when my mum sent by fedex also quite mafan..
they declared edy, but i still had to fill in a form (few pages!),
then fedex called to my uni, proven that im a student, then only they sent me my parcel
but sending by pos m'sia, what also dont need!

know what, i drink milo only when im here.. ha!
hmm.. i also need herb la weh..
barley you want? i have 2 packs, lazy to cook..

its not big, as you can see, i didnt really fill it up somemore..
i wonder whether my box will miss your box
i want to send again also..!! hahaha

Alice See S.Y said...

haha..i asked my mum to send barley to me also..but i think i will receive it in january!!..mum said wanna go travel first before sending to d way..your parents didn't send herbs to u mer??

huibee said...

no la
i dont really drink herbs one
unless those my mum cooks for days and nights one.. XD
i wont cook those for my own ...
hahahaha.. your mum tak sayang you edy.. : P
leave it till Jan luu.. now you can start looking fwd to them.. ha!
actually that day i saw your mum's blog..
quite.. hmm.. dont know how to describe la
but thats the first ever time i read my friend's mum's blog..
it's nice anyway

Alice See S.Y said...

got mum sayang me very much i jz received a parcel one month ago..can't send too often la..
eh..from her blog can always find my name in it.. either written as 'eldest daughter' or 'girl'..haha
see..she sayang me one le..=p

terrorgen said...

hey.. looks like it's cheaper to send it to the UK than to the US... I tried to send something to myself but it's way too expensive!

terrorgen said...

looks like i should use surface mail instead... that's cheap...

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