Saturday, November 08, 2008

Malaysia debates possibility of Obama-like leader

Interesting topic!!
i dont think its impossible anyway
just a matter of time
while looking at malaysia and malaysians today
i dont think our generations would have the chance to see that!

to read more
the Malaysian Insider

it was initially raised by Uncle Lim in his blog
Lim Kit Siang for Malaysia

Analyst Ong Kian Ming, writing in malaysiakini, offered this profile:
“The Malaysian equivalent of Obama would be a Chinese Muslim who is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, grew up with adopted Malay parents in Kelantan, got his undergraduate degree from a Malaysian public university and then went on to get his Masters from Oxford or Cambridge.”
hahahahah.. sarcastic, i know..
but Obama's historic win does bring hopes to SOME malaysians, right?


Alice See S.Y said...

we shall wait and see!!

huibee said...

its like 50 years or so later
i will be telling you
"SEE! told you!! we wont have the chance to see"

Peng said...

yeah, i think this is possible to be happened as well....

mayb in the far future, you can get into your descendant dream and tell him... see, tai tai tai MA predicted correctly


huibee said...

hahahaha..!! that really made me LOL..

dont know who you are though -_-"

Peng said...

i m cp, instead of bp @@

but not Caltex petrol, instead of British petrol...

huibee said...

Caltex Petrol
i should have known its you because of the @@

i really dont have so many "peng" friends one
just you dont normally talk like this .. =/

ck said...

dun make ur blog 2 politic kkk....i noe ur searchin politic dun suit u lah! hahahahh

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