Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gmail Themes

Google mail has just had their themes launched!
In the beginning I wasn't very keen on it
because I love old things, I like things that I am used to
and don't like changes as it takes time to get used to them
so after testing on a few blue and the contrast black themes
I still found the classic one suits me best
but later my 2nd bro said he likes the new themes and asked whether we try
so this morning while having a bit slacking time
I tried a few of them... and guess what
(haiya, when you see the post you should have known I found something worth mentioning)
the Ninja theme is damnnnn funny and cute la!
have a look:

top of Gmail.. it looks a bit complicated
and even the original old Google logo isn't there.. =/
makes me feel like it's pirated

while checking mails... this is what at the bottom


ohhh fight!!

damn useless ninja.. XD

hahahaha.. cute couple

hmmm.. so fat geh?

see what happened??
it surprised me because it changes over time!!
this is why I had to set my location when I chose this theme..
(I'm not going to show all I've found, otherwise there will be no surprise for you : )
I wonder whether they all can be connected and become a story..?)

cute right? it makes checking mails not that boring
although I'm not very happy with all the red colour links in my mails!
but there are still many options to suit different kinds of people-

I'm not sure what others think about it
but being a great supporter of Google,
i always have the impression that Google normally makes things simple yet practical
and this new theme thingy slightly changed my impression
I hope this could apply to my Google calendar as well..
it looks relatively boring now.. haha..
but I hope things won't get too far too much
just keep them uncomplicated and practical


bpeng said...

don't tell me you kept trying to read your mail just to see how the picture at the bottom changes.. >.<

huibee said...

eh did you just know me today? XD
my gmail is opened all the time one ma
but i admit today i did pay a bit more attention on the ninja than in my emails.. XD
cute maaa..!!

ck said...

fai lah u...i think u almost show all edy...=.=

huibee said...

no la!! there are still at least 3.. : P

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