Sunday, November 16, 2008

getting there

im still bothered, still disturbed
but i will be better
at least i see communication makes things better
hadnt cried for such a long time
and never realized i could feel so sad
but, as i said, i will be better
or, i just have to get better..

in fact
im so grateful that finally there's something that could make me weep
also, thanks for those showing concern
i'd like a hug, although i know the physical distance always matters =/

going to work on my assignments (hopefully..!!)
it just takes time to recover, or perhaps, to forget

trust no one, deceive everyone?


-Life- said...

the line in red seems so familiar =P

Peng said...

Hey, mind to tell me what happened?

bpeng said...

when u need a hug..
just knock on my door or shout from your room or msn me or text me or give me a call or missed call or fb message or on my fb wall or fs also can or whatever..
and i'll send myself to u~ >.<

-Life- said...

bpeng - when i need a hug, can i do that too? *puppy eyes* XD

Alice See S.Y said...

too bad i'm too far away =)
though i dont know what's going on..
but..i can be a can also nudge me whenever you want.=)

huibee said...

Peng, Bpeng, Alice:
i've got the strengh from every single offer : )
they are very important for me..

they are different
because mine is with a question mark
i wouldn't want to deceive everyone..
let's see whether bp will bother you.. XD

HuiHui said...

hmm~should make ur room transparent so beepeng n i will noe wat u doing inside...hahahaha

huibee said...

means i can see you 2, you 2 can see me?
cannot la!! no privacy..
i will be too shy to tukar baju in room edy.. XD

tenkiew tenkiew.. *pet back*.. : D

summer said...

give u an invisible hug hug(big big one)
plus an extra kiss:muacks~
:)add oil,i know u wil u can.

huibee said...

thank you : )
*big huggiess*

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