Sunday, November 02, 2008

halloween & jeff's 21st

damn tired these days.. slept sooo less worked so much
feel like i will die unexpectedly at any point of the day =/
my back and legs hurt
especially my leg was seized with cramp yesterday T.T
but i enjoyed many parts of the days very much
i said it and i mean it

happy birthday to Jeffrey : )
guess he had a "special" beginning but ended with a heart warming one
i think everyone is developing a kind-of-21st-birthday-phobia.. hahahaha!!
thanks god i've been 21st
and my birthday is in summer

also, Sorry.. for those deserve it.. haha
(i said to some of them personally edy : ) )

this will be the last time
i will prove that i can make it!! (feli, let's see! : P)
i dont think we're that considerate or kind or whatever
just others' inconsiderateness make things seem so.. lol

know what, first impression is not as accurate as you think it is
time always tells the truth


ck said...

so deeppp.....

life said...

alright...LET'S SEE then! XD

huibee said...

i used so simple and concise words
what so deep la.. : P

your "XD" seems like you dont believe i can make it ley...

life said...

erm....we shall see lor.... =P

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