Friday, October 31, 2008


不管演唱者是不是杰伦.. : D
但是其实这首歌 充其量 也只是顺耳
可惜的就是这个年代的中文乐坛 好像很难听见顺耳的歌 =/

有没有想过别人会为了配合你 心疼你的伤心难过 而难过难为?


bpeng said...

you should post out the full lyric ma..
can't read the words in the mv, can't really hear what he is singing also..
i think this song needs to repeat listening for a few times then only will like it..

huibee said...

please kindly google it
i dont like my blog to be so wordy : P
and in fact the lyrics isnt really meaningful

so now you make me realized
its not that jay cant sing clearly
but thats fangwenshan's lyrics!!
hahaah.. right?!
partly because his lyrics are always historical and deep..

bpeng said...

aiyo.. u want to share then must provide 'good service' what..

i thought your blog are always wordy? that used to be your blogging 'style'

his lyrics seldom use those common words that we usually use in real life, so it's hard to guess..
so people has been blaming jay wrongly all the while!!!
(puipui should be very happy when she sees this)

huibee said...

eh last time i blogged once a month mar
now blog so frequently
it cant be so wordy edy..
im not that damned chiong hey.. XD


ck said...

finally c sumthin in chinese worrr
bt reli quite cincai lah u....
dis song ok onli ma y intro dis geh???
i lik sum other more

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