Thursday, October 23, 2008

it's a small world

the world is so damn small..!!
i was checking my facebook this morning
and saw the news feed
"ChorPeng Ng joined the group SJK (C) Kong Hoe, Klang."

huhhhh??? i've known this person for 3 years (through friends when we were all in ELS)
(i know his name even longer, because his best friend changed to my school in senior 1 (form 4) and became.. my kind-of-good-friend..)
and i'd say we have been chatting quite a lot
but i never knew he is from KongHoe
ok, being aware that he was busy recently
i just left a comment... (checking whether he joined wrongly..)
then he poped up in msn
saying he also wanted to ask me why i joined the group (previously)
omg... actually i've always been proud of the fact that im from konghoe
because it is quite famous in klang and has a long history
(guess what? my dad is from konghoe, so is my sis, and even my 2nd bro's gf!!)
and the thing is also, he is that kind... comfortable-to-chat-with type person
we've been talking so much but never mentioned this!!
ok thanks to facebook

once again, we show how small the world is..
it seems that the six degrees of sepation is quite possible..


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