Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pooolyzzz hug me

... anyone?
love this
because it is sooo true in reflecting people nowadays

another masterpiece by the same author
guess most people saw this before


ck said...

reflecting ppl...?? pretending ah u mean?

huibee said...

hmm people do need help attention care and all that always ma right
yet being worried to be hurt and hence using whatever ways to protect themselves..
so it makes intervention and care harder
something like that lar..
dont really know how to explain =/

Alice See S.Y said...

oh..i thought it is the other way round..
isn't it about nobody will hug tat thing after knowing that u will get trouble if u tend to help?? hence nobody will sacrifice themselves for helping the poor ones.... this is what i think la..!! hmm.....

huibee said...

sadly none is positive.. ha

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