Thursday, October 30, 2008

be considerate

how much you place the importance on some sorts of thing
might simply just like how much others do
step into other's shoes - think!
especially when it comes to people around you who care about you and think you matter to them

Don't do onto others what you don't wish others do to you (Sheu, 2008)
also, treat others like the way you want them to treat you

im not referring this to anyone particular.. hehe
solely think that being considerate is very important whenever we are surrounded by people
(and yes! its like all the time we are)
btw when im saying this
it doesnt mean im really a considerate person after all
im learning la.. : )

that was supposed to be the original post when i first thought about it
but now i realized
being considerate makes life sucks =/
grrrrr.. damn disappointed by these people..!!!


bpeng said...

"being considerate makes life sucks =/"


Alice See S.Y said...

u r seriously in dilemma!!!!

huibee said...

but you arent giving any advice =/

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