Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vietnam To Ban Small Chested Riders From Motorcycle Riding

Strange but true. The Government from Vietnam are planning to ban small chested people from riding motorcycles! If your chest measures less than 28 inches (72 centimeters) you will not be allowed to ride a motorcycle.

The idea comes their Ministry of Health. They want only people who are in good health to ride motorcycles, and, according to the politicians, if you have a small chest, you are not healthy.

The same proposed law also forbids people from riding a motorcycle if they suffer from enlarged livers or sinusitis. Mind you, this applies only to riding motorcycles! If you are a small chested woman, suffering from an enlarged liver and have a sinusitis problem, you are allowed to drive an enormous truck. No problem....

I see an enormous market for breast implants, male and female, or is this just a ploy for the cops to start measuring the chest of every female riding a bike? /Mike Werner

sinchew news | washington times

you might not realize how much they rely on motorcycles..

something interesting in Vietnam


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