Tuesday, October 21, 2008

disappointed : (

its really weird
and i dont know why its like that, all in a sudden
i dont even know how to react and what im expected to do
but im disappointed that there is now a barrier
an unexpected one : (
what disappoint me even more is that nobody seems bother to explain

actually there has always been a barrier
which i had been thinking solutions for it
but now..
friends huh?

I'm Yours

i just want to share something to make the post longer..


Jimson said...

amoi, apa hal ???

Alice See S.Y said...

yeah.u r mine!! haha

hmm..i dont know what happened la..but..ppl are like that..life is like that..!! take it easy..!!

huibee said...

if ahmoi can tell you apa hal here
she would have said clearly ..
get what i mean?

i thought i have always been yours?
hahahah.. : )
im going to tell you everything if have the chance
because you are expert in this!! : P
but anyhow im ok la

ck said...
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ck said...

nice song.....

HuiHui said...

hahaha...moi, apa hal...XD
*still wanna ask~*

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