Sunday, October 19, 2008

be rich mentally

i talked with a guy who is my friend's friend yesterday
it will take too long to explain why i was talking to him, so lets skip this
one of the topic we talked about was our family
i told him:
i have 2 bros 1 sis
my eldest brother has just finished his MBA and is a civil engineer
another brother has worked as a programmer for quite a few years, well, he earns a lot : P
my sister has done her actuarial science degree in canada and is now working in m'sia
me? ok, he knows im currently doing my degree in the uk
his first reaction was like "wow your family is all ren cai" (talented people)
hahahha, yes i agree and in fact we like to say so!
but it is not really the truth la haiya...
next he started talking about his family, which is.. a bit sad
im not going to describe it in details
but he mentioned that he is a salesman and he has lots experience he just needs $ to start his own business
i told him, my dad wasn't much educated but he could still be successful : )
"with your support, i definitely can"
huh? i assumed that he was kidding so i asked "financially?", followed by "hahaha.."
he carried on saying how difficult his life is to support his family etc etc
was he really trying to convince me to support him???
omfg! what happen to people nowadays?
im NOT rich, i never think or assume so, i dont even think im from a rich family
i just have parents who think being educated is a must for all of us
even if my parents have some money, that's theirs, right?!
i know im lucky and im really grateful having all these
but shouldn't people stop complaining and start working hard, trying hard to help themselves to achieve a better life?


summer said...

家好月圆有一个剧情的一句话很棒,内容大概就是说:我们一辈子需要的花费,需要的数字,只有四个字“心中富有”。。。哈哈,只要心里富有,这一辈子就可以很富有!呵呵 被你抓到了我有好一些日子没有update了,其实是“步你后尘”。。:)

huibee said...

yes! 果然还是乖嬷
我在打的时候 也想起那个

我现在常写耶 那你是不是也该步一下我的后尘? : D

ck said...

if u r nt the 1 having all this
id be very jealous wat u have in ur life n dun like u!! hahahahaha...
bt becoz thats urs i feel u deserve them lahh

huibee said...

thank you
thats really heart warming
i dont really think i deserve them all
BUT i appreciate and im thankful : )

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