Friday, October 17, 2008

I moved my blog...


i know i'd been saying this for 2 or 3 years
but just couldn't decide when and where to move
until few months ago i set up this page
and have been visiting my page always because i listed all the blogs that i follow here
without updating any posts though

but why is it today?
because i just realized there is a new function that just launched on sept 11th - "blogs im following"
i guess its just something like RSS
but in a form that... i could follow those blogs anonymously and also privately (its on my dashboard, i dont even need to show them all in my blog) : P
ok Google now i love you even more
and thus decided to abandon my msn spaces that had been with me for many years now

well i will try my very best to update it often
and keep it both concise and clear : )


HuiHui said...

hahaha...finally u moved edy~~~

huibee said...

you make me feel ps because i havent noticed you but you were already here
must be feli..!!

ck said...

kinda disappointed.. coz i tot i should be the 1 u notify in the very beginning but .. errhmm
hahaha anyway u made it!!!
finally u shifted...
bt... dun lah blogging in eng!

Google said...

I love you too!

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