Friday, October 24, 2008


it is not very good to know that actually there are many friends around you
facing lots problems and difficulties, under great stress or being depressed
while they all look so OK, or some even seem "happy" and enjoying their lives..
i know people dont normally write their mood on faces
but.. it's still not a good feeling to realize that

guys, remember what friends are there for k? : (


ck said...

bt u also 1 of them.. :/

huibee said...

yes.. somehow i agree ..ha

Alice See S.Y said...

but then..some things should be kept to ownself rite?!

sushiking said...

I agree with alice~~~~
i am sue sing :)

Hsiang Yek said...

wah, new blog! move here!
and type everything in english!
looks like u really get into the environment there le o!
anyway, all the best fren!(although i not very understand wat u try to say in this post...)

huibee said...

Alice & SueSing:
yes.. i agree though
but it still makes me sad
when they told me how much they went through after everything
and i didnt even realise a thing =/

thank you
i had always wanted to move ma
because there are some.. problems with live space..
i will show that im not blogging only in english
hahaha : )

HuiHui said...

huuu...complicated mind...

summer said...

恩 我也常常這樣想

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