Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012, Hello 2013!

In the year of 2012...

1. I completed the Master of Science Foundations in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health.
It wasn't an easy task, mainly because I continue to work part time in North London Forensic Service while studying in Brighton. But I did it, with a merit. I'm pleased. This shall be the greatest achievement of the year.

2. I had lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the UK.
I have moved from place to place, Brighton is my favourite! It's such a young and happening city, yet it's not one of those busy, stressful and humanity-losing place, because it's at the same time very close to the sea, with very beautiful sunset almost taking place every night.

3. I went to Norway (Oslo, Flam, Bergen, Flam) and Switzerland (Geneva, Interlaken, Luzern, Zurich) for holidays
This is definitely one major dream fulfilled. Norway is such a peaceful and beautiful country! I hope it doesn't change and I'd get to revisit it one day.

4. I have seen the Northern Lights!
I never think I'm this lucky, but we were! It was amazing, somehow incredible why the green light moving in the sky. Nature once again proved to me that it can be so incredible and beautiful, let's do as much as we could to protect it.

5. I visited Amsterdam, Holland.
It's a beautiful yet not peaceful city, I missed the chips!! I have seen tulips (though we were a bit early in terms of season) and windmill. I have been to Holland, don't sell me to there - their red district is eye-opening. Haha.

6. I made the decision of leaving the UK and my first full time job in my life.
Put it this way, I learnt that what's more important in my life. (More about this later!) I just bought the ticket today though, on the last day of the year!

7. I made some really excellent friends from work.
I'm going to miss these people so much when I leave.

8. I went to London 2012 Olympics, Badminton quarter final games!
This was an experience. Can I be greedy and hope that I can go to the next one in Rio? :X

9. I have seen my first concert in my life - Mayday in London.
One night of "singing along", now I am really a fans of Mayday. Hopefully I will get to go to more quality concerts in the future.

10. I started the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
Oh my god I still got to complete the assignments! and for the Advanced diploma in Stress-Management and Resilience Building,

11. This is random but I can now put on contact lens easily. Thanks to Specsaver (sounds like an advertisement?!)

12. I'm now an auntie of three!!!
I can't quite believe this, I have never met any of them yet although Adelyn is almost 1.5 years old already!

13. I went to see my favourite musical - Lion King!
It was simply "goosebumps-growing" amazing!

14. I started the journey of capturing beautiful things, almost not missing any opportunity with my Samsung Galaxy S2.
I'm very happy with people who really appreciate me sharing my life and beautiful views with them.

15. I have put on too much weight this year!
Now that all seems so great, there must be things that isn't going so well... =.=

I'm grateful, very grateful, for what I have achieved and been given opportunities to achieve. Have a healthy and blessed 2013!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dog Sledding in Norway

I really love dogs, so when I was told about this "Dog Sledding" activity I was really looking forward to it. But believe it or not, I think this is the cruelest thing I have done in my life!

I was the driver of the sledge. Before we started, all the dogs were like crying, my eyes watered. I didn't think I could make it. I was later told that huskies have to run, if they don't run they suffer. (So they woo because they want to race/run). See video below.

But I really wonder whether this was in their nature or it was human-work? Did people actually train them to become like that? They actually run (when they sledge) and poo at the same time!! It was kind of funny to see it when that happened, but to think deeply, what kind of life they lead to poo and work hard at the same time??!!

As there were a number of sledges running one after another, so I had to step on the brake from time to time so that the dogs didn't go over the front ones (my dogs ran relatively fast), and I felt heartache. Because they were running hard and fast, but I was pressing the brake!! (but actually I don't quite have a choice, coz we were told if they run side by side they would all tangle together). When I did that to them, they would even turn back and look at me...

I'm not sure if those were the holes they live in. It looks so cold and they look so unloved.

This was really an experience. But I would discourage anyone from join any activities like this. I simply hope when there is no demand, the huskies live the kind of life they deserve, run/race only when they want to. I still feel so sorry to have done that.

 Just before the dog sledging begins, what made my eyes watered.

During the dog sledging. This is what you're going to experience, but it really isn't much.