Friday, December 21, 2012

Dog Sledding in Norway

I really love dogs, so when I was told about this "Dog Sledding" activity I was really looking forward to it. But believe it or not, I think this is the cruelest thing I have done in my life!

I was the driver of the sledge. Before we started, all the dogs were like crying, my eyes watered. I didn't think I could make it. I was later told that huskies have to run, if they don't run they suffer. (So they woo because they want to race/run). See video below.

But I really wonder whether this was in their nature or it was human-work? Did people actually train them to become like that? They actually run (when they sledge) and poo at the same time!! It was kind of funny to see it when that happened, but to think deeply, what kind of life they lead to poo and work hard at the same time??!!

As there were a number of sledges running one after another, so I had to step on the brake from time to time so that the dogs didn't go over the front ones (my dogs ran relatively fast), and I felt heartache. Because they were running hard and fast, but I was pressing the brake!! (but actually I don't quite have a choice, coz we were told if they run side by side they would all tangle together). When I did that to them, they would even turn back and look at me...

I'm not sure if those were the holes they live in. It looks so cold and they look so unloved.

This was really an experience. But I would discourage anyone from join any activities like this. I simply hope when there is no demand, the huskies live the kind of life they deserve, run/race only when they want to. I still feel so sorry to have done that.

 Just before the dog sledging begins, what made my eyes watered.

During the dog sledging. This is what you're going to experience, but it really isn't much. 


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