Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm not angry

I typed a furious post just now and I deleted it
I'm sure my dad wants me to be a polite girl
But I can't help feeling sad, disappointed
We were really excited
We read the reviews and imagined how it's like
We went through the photos and even looked at the webcam
to feel how it's like
We spent much time and effort to make things smooth
I talked so excitedly to my mum, sis and friends
All I want
is a YES from everyone
so that we can proceed to booking
that took them more than 1 week
and it ended up..
we have to redo everything now
I'm not angry, I say it, I mean it
But I can't help feeling disappointed
and I don't like the feeling having things redone
now I don't expect so much..
hopefully things go well

Thanks to those supportive friends : )
especially puiman and bpeng, listened to my complains during the dinner just now
and those concerned friends on msn
terima kasih : )


bpeng said...

what to do?
take this as a lesson, plan things early and do them as soon as possible,
same theory applies to my condition now too.. T.T

huibee said...

eh we planned early
i wanted them to confirm asap too
i have my works i cant be urging them every day and night ma kan?

the lesson should be
JUST IGNORE OTHERS if you really want to go.. *hng*

yea la, why still reading blogs? replying so fast somemore..
do your assignment la! XD

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