Wednesday, November 19, 2008

one month

it's now one month i blog here..
and im loving the interaction that i've got with my readers.. : D
thanks a lot.. that's very much appreciated..
cant believe that la, because i used to blog only once a month
but now i added 22 entries in one month..
huibee, how did you make that? keep it up.. keep it up...

i just read hsiangyek's blog this evening
and found his blog quite inspiring..!!
you know, the thing is he wrote just daily stuff
- his thought his feeling his work etc
some things that ehmm.. could be very boring and dull in anyone's life,
BUT, he can still make (some of) them soooo inspiring..!!
im thinking how to set him as my idol (in writing blog only la! : P)
while not losing my style
(and its still very important to write whatever i want to)
guess im not too bad in inspiring people too
because ck just told me my previous entry is spreading happinessss.. : D


ck said...


ck said...

bt ur also gd at spreadin moodiness! :P

Hsiang Yek said...

hey, so happy that i m the main character in this post.....hehehe...
first when i saw ur comment for me,
i thought u just want to make me happy,
but after reading this post.....hehe..
i know u mean it......thanks for the support...
actually, just like what u mention in "why blog"
i oso been searching for a direction for my own blog,
but now, i think i have found it.....
i told myself, my blog won't exist becoz of myself,
i hope what i learn, what i think is inspiring,
can share with my friends,
and we will grow up together.
And what i share, i don't want to be theoritical,
like what we always read from email,
things i share will be more towards real life,
the life of our age.
so how bout you? have u found yours?
actually u r my idol too...hehe...(so shy to say)

EngLee said...

Yes, keep it up, but I have one thing to comment, that is: punctuation! Anyway, it's your blog, you can write whatever way you wanted to. Happy blogging.

NoBle said...

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. Don't mind if i link you up? Ops.. i already did.

Well, nice seeing you since we left Kong Hoe.

huibee said...

yea la i know
thats why i said its still important to write whatever i want
i cant be so happy and my blog cant be so inspiring alll the time one ma.. right? : D

haiya! i said it i mean it!
i dont say it solely to make you happy
luckily you did visit
i still wondered whether i should let you know by sending you the link .. haha..
me? im still searching
have to observe more on my IDOL first.. : P
thank you.
your comment is also encouraging : )

OK.. will TRY to improve that
you might not realize
but because of your advice (long time ago),
i seldom use those informal short forms now

now i've found another benefit of blogging-
it helps me link back to my old schoolmate : )

JustJasmine said...

Interaction keeps me blogging too... But sometimes harsh comments a turn-off, haha!

Keep blogging anyway girl! :)

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