Sunday, November 30, 2008

A lame joke

Emily- my colleague, a British
Selina- my colleague, a Chinese from china
huibee- me la of course, a Malaysian Chinese

Part of the conversation among the three of us while working this afternoon...

Emily: so Hui, where do you come from?
Huibee: Malaysia
Emily: What language did you guys use just now?
Huibee: Cantonese
Emily: So Selina, 're you from Malaysia as well?
Huibee: No, she's from China
Selina: Yes.. I'm from China! (she normally talks with exclamation marks)
Huibee: But we speak the same language...
Selina: Yea Yea.. cantonese and mandarin!
Huibee: It's like.. hmm.. my grandfather is from China.. he went to Malaysia few decades ago.. (hadn't finished yet..)
Selina: Ohhhh!!! my grandfather is from China as well!!!
Huibee: (start sweating) I know that..!!
Emily: (start gigling)
Huibee: So Emily, your grandfather is from England, right?

not funny mey?
hmm... ok la, a lame joke maybe
But if you were at the scene.. I bet you'd be laughing like we all did...
Actually it could be fun working on my floor.. especially there are some nice and playful colleagues (would be better if Alice (Gibson) comes back)
The thing is just I get bored working at the same store for such a long timee
and sometimes the management team.......... sucks!
At times they make us feel like we are slave labours -_-"
that's especially when it's extremely busy period while the store is short of staff
Anyway we have 4 weekends off after the coming weekend
so.. hmmm.. let's see what I can do to make a change after that..


Peng said...

haha, damn funny lo = ="

this one also you guys can discuss... LOL

ck said...

hahahahahha..tryin 2 b funnt ah u?

HuiHui said...

hahahahaha...veli funny...XD...i laugh out...XD...i can imagine the way selina saying that...XD

huibee said...

not discussing la.. haiyo
just.. knowing each other ma
because my good old friend left : (

not trying to be funny okk
but .. obviously i wanted to ZAT her : P

hahahaha..!! eh seems like it's not a lame joke because everyone starts commenting with "haha"
sharing this also make me got 成就感 XD

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