Sunday, November 09, 2008

x'mas plan

im not going back to m'sia
i wont be working, i've taken leave for 4 weekends
i want to travel around europe!! i want to see LOTS of snow, i want to SKI if thats possible..!!
jeffrey and i are planning some kind of snowy trip for the 1st week of our break
but nothing is confirmed yet
perhaps scotland, maybe snow train to the Alps (france), or northern europe
while the rest of the holidays, bpeng and i should be joining laykian, limpeh and 1 of their friend
to travel around mid/eastern europe
(i suppose we will come back earlier, not right before sem 2 begins)
im not asking who's joining because first of all, nothing is confirmed, i dont know what to ask; secondly, i dont like to travel with too many people (i will only tell if you do ask)
BUT to those malaysians of UoG
i guess the trip we and jeff are planning, are open to all of you
and it'd be GREAT if we all can be travelling together during our final year in the Uni
will be lots fun, right?
(do bear in mind, money matters..=/)
i dont think i will be visiting kian in frankfurt or alice in moscow, although i'd really love to..
(but too less time & money, too many attractions, plus i dont think alice is free to bother me.. ha)
finally, im not sure about any of them yet
so it might just end up me staying in cheltenham doing assignments and dissertation.. : P

ok.. thats it!!
welcome to discuss about them..! : )


HuiHui said...

hahahaha...i agreeee... with...1, 2, 6 and 8...HAHAHAHAHA~

Peng said...

so nice.... go Iceland lah !!!

Alice See S.Y said...

haha..come next winter!!! i can give u all my time..this winter i probably will be in egypt. or ... might end up doing uni work and prepare for exams... hahaha..same case here la..

huibee said...

okk!! count you in for our skiing trip..!!
sammi them seem interested also..!!
lets plannn..
btw you laughed like orang gila la .. XD

iceland.. another good idea..!!
why are there so many countries and nice places in europe huh!!
undecided now..=/

egypt!! WOW..!!
i want to go also.. but maybe during summer la
i think i need to get a printer that can print cash edy
earn so slowly but could spend so damn quickly!!

Alice See S.Y said...

summer??!! egypt will be HOTTTTTT like hell wor..u wanna get burnt there??!! haha.. summer i will go back m'sia immediately..coz going on road trip with uni frens also..

honestly..everyone needs a money printer lo..i spent USD600 this month le..excluded the furniture and stuff..merely on and playing!! haih!!! sei lo!!

ck said...

wowowowowow!!!! damn syiokkkk lah ur xmas holiday!! so jealousss *hng**
u should SHARE ur happiness wit fren maaa.. plsss.. hahahah

huibee said...

but winter is too precious edy..
i want to experience more snow mar
here is not moscow =/

you can always go with me~ : P

Jocelyn said...

wah! now only know you got so many plan d..
i haven even think of it yet!!!
Can I join also?
but not much $$ currently leh...
but i wanna ski alsoooooo.....

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