Friday, November 21, 2008


Yesterday we watched Kushi- a Bollywood movie in the World Cinema
This is my first ever time, sitting there, wathing nearly all of a Bollywood movie
OK, I'm not going to comment about it or write a review on it,
since I don't really watch romance movies, never watched Bollywood movies and didn't even finish the whole movie

我觉得有些英国人 真的不怎么有礼貌..
我不是在说那些当时候在笑的人 (我自己也是其中一个)
而是因为之前我们刚到在set up的时候
一个叫芭芭拉的英国人 (也就是建议播这套戏的人)
在... 笑bollywood movies, actors and actress, and even the advertisement..
真的觉得她很没有礼貌.. 笑声很轻蔑 =/
后来跟另一个英国女生聊 她显然.. 也在"很有礼貌地取笑" -_-"

却还在觉得自己高高在上.. 就只因为一些历史的背景
我只会觉得他们真的只是自以为了不起的 ... [用任何你想用的词..]
单纯是看路上那些很年轻的妈妈 推着婴儿车再带着几个孩子
却在狂抽烟 不是一小部分妈妈们
而是.. 70%吧 但是在他们的lectures里
他们会说抽烟的人多是发展中国家的人... 你确定吗?!?!
当然我看到的,不是statistics and facts..
我可以举很多例子来support我的话 从生活上 报章里 工作方面 或教育


P/S: 我想这篇文章至少得罪两种人 1 当然是英国人 2 是抽烟的人 反正就个人观感
英国人那部分, 欢迎反驳
至于说到抽烟 我又有很多话说.. 下次呗


HuiHui said...


HuiHui said...

er...agree wif ur ying guo ren tat part~

huibee said...

haha.. haiya
i also know which part you agree la okkii

damn sad now la!! plus damn angry..!! =/

Alice See S.Y said...

about the smoking part..
i can't say anything..coz i have loads of good friends who smoke..but better dont hate smokers..if not..later your lover might be one of them..!! haha

huibee said...

ya i know i know..
i used to.. kind of hate them..
but now i have quite a few friends who smoke
and hmm.. im ok with them now : )
they are still nice friends.. haha

but.. last week when i was at work
i smell the smoky smell from my manager
and i told my colleague, i couldn't stand the smelly smoky smell..
and guess what
i forgot my colleague smokes...........
luckily she's still quite considering la.. -_-"

terrorgen said...

yeah... Here in the U.S. too... smokers all around... at least they don't say about "smoking is more common in developing countries..."

huibee said...

because you're not doing social science course ma -_-"
thats what my lecturer mentioned in class..

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