Friday, November 07, 2008

why blog?

know what
i just moved my blog approximately 3 weeks ago
and now i dont feel like carry on blogging
i wonder whether thats just because im upset at the moment
i started blogging when i was form 2 or 3
and this is the 3rd blog i have got
my 2nd bro once offered me to get (which is still available now!) and he will pay for me
but i have always been lost (and hence dont want to waste his money before im ready..)
i dont know how to blog regularly
because i used to blog only when i was down
but that made my friends worry
and i felt insecure having some not very close friends reading my blog
its very hard to control though
isn't it? very hard to control who to read and who not to
so next i blog only memorable events
trying my very best not to say too much about my private thoughts and disappointments
but i dont like describing
(i was thinking to use the word "hate" but that will be offending.. see!)
i dont want to create a blog describing solely my routine activity
even me myself dont think thats something that worth recording
why would others be interested in reading things like that?!
so i've still been lost
from the beginning of this blog,
i have been searching a direction
that suits me best, and also my readers
you know, i was quite surprised (or impressed?) who actually read my blog!
im even being quite thankful
that who actually care how im and what i think.. hehehe..
(this means if you're reading this, im saying thank you)
haih.. no point la
no conclusion, im still lost : (
anyway at this point i wont really stop blogging (see how quick i change my mind)
because i love reading blogs
(so i assume others would like to read mine : ))
and the thing is, i like staying connected with others through blogs
especially those that are not around me
of course, it is important to read blogs of those around me as well
(because im kind of shocked, of how they behave in groups, in front of everyone and me, while actually they are so stressed, moody and pessimistic)
moreover, if you do blog, you would have known that i love leaving comments
a way of communication, or a kind of interaction that bring me into other's world
i do hope i can, but i dont think anyone can write whatever they want anyway
how har?

actually there is some sort of incident that made me feel what i wrote today
(please ask me if you know i will tell you.. -_-")
and i've seen predicament like this happened in most of the blogs
how distressing! (not that serious perhaps..?)


summer said...

why why tell me why(一首曾经很出名的歌曲)
呵呵 和你一样我只会选择在难过的时候才写blog
呵呵 有遗传到我的因子噢

ck said...

u really lik to fann =.=
since every1 wan 2 know wat happen...y dun u juz write watever possible?
i mean.. sumtime when u think carefully lah...actualy dun need 2 hide 1..even if the person ask u u will tell also.. meannn.. get wat i mean?
dun stop blogging.. ur fans will b dissappointed!! :P
b who u r, do wat u wan okay?

huibee said...

今年才几岁就想说有办法把因子给我 哈
明明"我很难过"就是四个字.. XD
或许其实 只要发泄到 就够了吧 对不?

i know what you mean
i always try to tell the truth whenever others ask me directly
so no point hiding here then sai lang when they ask me.. hahahah.. right?
i said i wont stop lorr
just searching my way ma

Alice See S.Y said...

try not to be afraid to let others know..i will never know what effect you might bring to others by reading your blog..the idea of sharing is to learn and know what's going on in each others life and also getting new perspective towards things.

huibee said...

thank you : )
one of the best comments i've ever had

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