Monday, December 01, 2008


It's the first day of the last month of the year
can't believe how fast time flies!
it's now nearly the end of the year of 2008.
There's 9 more days till the end of my assignment nightmare
11 days till I finish the first semester of my final year, unofficially
12 days till our Christmas break
12 days, too, till our SKIING holiday!
16 days till I turn 21.5
24 days till Santa Claus coming to town!
and 30 days till a brand new year - 2009!!

Just got the reply from the ski resort person and forwarded it to all of them,
and within half an hour got a reply from Jocelyn in both email and MSN
seems like she's really excited with the trip
and she spreads the excitement to me already..!!
Well, I hope everyone gets on well with their assignments
and then be ready to play hard during their Christmas break..
Take care people.. I think the weather is getting a bit crazy this year
We never had such cold weather in the previous two years =/
Perhaps it's a good practice for six of us, before we go to ski : D


life said...

=S =S =S

your this last post, first paragraph and the song playing in your blog really makes me a little emo leh. feels sad that the year is coming to an end =(

Peng said...

yer! so nice....

you know what, they said, only old people feel how time flies...

I feel that time goes really fast as well....

Alice See S.Y said...

weh...dont remind me of my age ma.. =(

ck said...

yalohhhh...2009 comin!! where r u on xmas then?! nt goin travell d?

huibee said...

I supposed that's because you were emo.. not my post's or song's problem right? =/
althought I dont know why it should be sad when it's the end of a year, but I do feel sad : (

You trying to saw I'm old? or.. we are old? =/

at the time of writing I was thinking to say 23 days till your birthday too : P

what's so exciting about 2009?
not sure yet -_-"

life said...

see! u feel sad too...NOT at that time i'm emo thats's y i feel emo lor...ceh! i don't like la the end of something lidat... =P

Alice See S.Y said...

thx thx..please remember it..
coz..this is the first time i'm gonna have exam around my birthday...sad case.. =(....

ck said...

where gt excited lahh.....juz mean time realliy flies only

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