Friday, December 26, 2008

Crystal Ski

A few words about the travel agent of our skiing trip - crystal ski as I think they really should receive credits for their service...

Booking online at and each of us got £50 off

A little book sent to us soon after we booked and paid for the holiday. It contains nearly everything we need to know, from passports & visas, money matters, flight details to driving abroad, insurance & medical matters.. and even things like luggage labels are provided in the book!!

A Welcome Pack with lots of information helping us get started when we arrived.

A Welcome Meeting to provide further information and to answer queries if there is any
(They had the meeting at the 2nd day after our arrival, which as I mentioned in the travel diary, could be better if we had it at the first day so we could get to know everything and sort everything out initially)

Organizing events throughout the week, and more importantly, they stated the cost clearly..

Visits during the week to see whether we're doing good and if they missed us...

(if you've paid a bit attention you might see that the title was "Mr. Teh and family".. My dad or bro wasn't there, don't know who they're greeting? : P and the address of "family" made me realize all those that going to the trip with us are all families!! we're probably the only group of friends.. so it's still.. forgivable calling us "Mr. Teh and family".. : D)

Clear details given..

If you're an advanced skier, they planned a very enjoyable yet challenging skiing day for you, entitled "An Unforgettable Day"..
However, if you're a novice like me, you could at least use the papers to write diary or record your expenses.. XD

I'd say generally they've made our trip nothing much to complain about.. will recommend it before I experience any other better..


Anonymous said...

i would love to try this!

i've never been to countries with snow, what more skiing! =P

huibee said...

This is my very first skiing trip too
A must to experience I'd say : )

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