Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm back!!

We are back from our skiing trip at Kitzbuhel, Tirol, Austria!!
No broken legs or hands, just lots bruise and muscle pain I guess.. ha!
Feel so strange after 8 days not online,
not seeing my laptop,
not coming to my room,
not laying on my bed,
not looking at high street, cheltenham
(especially the scenes without any snow..: P)
not typing using keyboard,
not showering in our bathroom,
not blogging,
not meeting the rest of the malaysians,
strange strange strange!!
everything just seems strange for me now..
But it's a great feeling coming back home
and, we had the most wonderful and awesome time in Austria...
I'm going to share as much as I could as soon as I can..
I have sooo much to share and to say, can't wait to look at the photos too : D
Now I've to unpack my stuff first..

P.S. Thanks to two of my sweet housemates, by slipping in x'mas cards under our doors to "welcome" us back, although they were still in their bed when we're back : )


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