Tuesday, December 09, 2008


The previous post is just a sign,
of me finishing my assignment already!
and it doesn't mean anything in an implicit or any ways,
I'm not giving any hint about anything or anyone either.. ok?
Just searching my way of blogging ma.. it's just random..random.. see, I labelled it as random, not daily life.. okokok?

Don't know what happened just now, I was freaking moody la!!
Joce msn me about the secret santa game
and.. I was kind of.. ignorant.. =/
haih.. made me feel so bad later
(But, of course, we talked, and things get sorted : ))
then Felicia came to my room
Actually I'm still not sure what her purpose was..?!
Perhaps just to let me entertain her, or destress her a bit la..
so that she won't fall asleep in her sex and gender essay or sexuality resarch report..
I found myself much better then
guess what, I think I really need to keep talking with others to make sure my mood is fine, weird right?

The thing is, my essay is actually not done yet
But, I'm too far from the word limit -_-" (2450/2000)
I think I read too much, now... hmm.. the only means,
is to edit the margins.. so that it wouldn't seem to be too many pages -_-"
Hey Claire or Jess wouldn't be reading my blog right?!

Last thing, I think we are not going to travel around mid-europe
Haih.. actually we can stay in Salzburg from 20th, with my friends,
and next go to Vienna, spent our Christmas there, and visit Prague before we come back on 27th
it's all well planned now!! But.. we are not joining them
I feel sooo sorry to Kian and myself.. : (
we have been looking forward so much to this trip since our last trip to Italy and France 1.5 year ago..
WHY are we not going?
*long sigh* I think that's just too tiring and there is too much to do in the short break
and if we are really going, we have to get everything done before this Saturday
as we are leaving for Salzburg soon..
It doesn't seem worth to squeeze the trip in..
Vienna and Prague.. : ( they are so damn attractive la..
I hope I've made the right decision, we shall go in summer,
without Kian and PeiYing though : (
so now, Oxford? Alton Tower? Anyone??


Hsiang Yek said...

haiz, so sad to hear that u plan to go n play wif kian,
but i think she will understand ur difficulties rite?
gambateh for ur assignment ya!
take care urself too...

puipui said...

i wanna go alton towerrrr...but now is winter wor...can play mey? not cold r???
hehehe...go oxford...i aleady checked the train ticket edy~ coz bus onli got 1 trip per day...=(

huibee said...

right juga, probably not even open
keep saying want to go for half year edy..
maybe we should go during easter la then =/
ok.. then let's gather people to go to Oxford!!

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