Monday, December 29, 2008


Just had steamboat at Sammi's house with our housemates. Guess I've been enjoying my life quite much after coming back from my skiing trip, and realized you will see life's treating you good easily when you are free from stress and long hour work.. Shopping, dining, chatting, reading fictions, listening songs, watching tv together (and criticizing this and that lol) etc etc.. Although I guess my superego starts reminding me that there's only one week left and I've one research report that I haven't even touched.. And my dissertation (which is still 0/10000 words)! There comes the stress.. and.. enjoyable life is saying goodbye soon, perhaps till end of May.. :( :(

These days, apart from shopping and dinners etc, I found myself really, really enjoy lying there, playing songs, and reading book. This was what I used to enjoy very much back in Malaysia and I abandon the habit soon after I came here. It's indeed much more spiritualize, instead of watching dramas, dramas and more dramas (I still love TVB though : D). I need more time on my own for the rest of the holiday I guess, and without any hesitation decided not joining them to the New Year countdown in London.. Hope they will make lots fun and enjoy to the fullest, hmm and ya, how am I going to countdown myself if Bpeng is joining them? Good question, will think about it : P


ck said...

lying der n read, dats y u wear spec....:P

just spent it da way u wan lah...sumtime it just dun hav 2 b crowd noisy lots ppl....

bpeng said...

i'm going to save my 18pounds,
avoid the crowd and keep away from the cold,
stay at home and watch bbc1 for the live firework show on the new year eve!
wanna join me?? hahahhaaa...
oh.. with some drinks and chips and chocolate or cake maybe?

Hsiang Yek said...

wow! what a nice life!
life is like that, after having fun,
we still need to face the reality, i mean ur dissertation... jia you!
and i wish congratulation to u too for ur succesful in "found more about urself", haha!
actually i quite agree with this,
i think before we discover more about others,
we should always discover ourself first...
the more we discover,
the more confident and happy we are,
as we actually realize,
there are a lot of things we actually able to do well...
btw, happy new year 2009!
all the best for ur dissertation man!

huibee said...

hahaha.. you know my backbone geh la.. you try la, in fact lying and read is super enjoyable one, might make you enjoy reading too : P

whoa whoa whoa.. fully planned la now!!
okokok.. interesting! let's shop for chips drinks chocolate and cake..
and see whether we can spot them in the crowd : P

ya, right, and i guess human spend their whole life to learn about themselves..
you ar, semakin orang tua edy, i mean the way you talk!
hahaha.. 有老化的现象哦! XD
but not a bad thing la..
im also like that : P
thank you, will try to work hard..
enjoy your work too!

life said...

what is this la...u not going is bad enough, some more influence miss LAU BEE PENG to not go 2 fun less..cis!

Hsiang Yek said...

ya, u r right,
i really find myself 有老化的现象,
so in this incident i think friends is very important...
can at least meet and chat with a freind everyday is a very happiness things u know?
can u imagine my life now?
i really miss my friends la....

huibee said...

Hahahaa.. I'll try to spot you on the tv.. you all enjoyyyy k :):)
(I didn't influence her at all!)

Can't you make one or 2 good friend with your colleague now?
I saw my sis can befriend with her colleague quite much also..
although her good friends are still those high school friends i think
jiayou, i know you can always spot something positive in your life..

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