Sunday, December 07, 2008

Rush Hour

Have no idea why I've spent so much time doing just a 2000 word essay
and it is really exhausting
as you may find, I even gave up my blogging time : (
(I have seriously a lot to talk about..)
and the most important thing-
I've been sleeping just for 4-5 hours everday this week
(Sleeping is such an important thing for me in which it was the last thing I would sacrifice normally.. : P)
Haih.. hopefully it will be done by Tuesday
Perhaps we've spent too much time going out this week and had to work full time during weekends are the reasons..
I want one whole day lying there watching drama la.. please!!
Well, it's better to declare, I'm NOT showing off..
and.. hmm.. ya, can't believe this time next week I'll be in Austria already!!
I'm not in the mood yet.. not even a bit, WHY?


Alice See S.Y said...

same here..i spent my whole previous week watching dramas..
and this week..i have 5 major tests for me to die with.

x'mas is coming and i seriously dont think it will be fine for me.. =(

huibee said...

i havent watched any drama for 1+ month after my assignment peak season began..
you.. really damn yeng la weh

means you're going to have tests etc over x'mas?
you guys have no x'mas break one ar?

Hsiang Yek said...

U always a person who create miracle !

sushiking said...

i'm having holiday holiday holiday^^

huibee said...

thank you..!!!
but.. create miracle sounds too kuazhang la haiyo : D


ck said...

JIAYOU!! chat after u finish it kk?

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