Saturday, February 28, 2009


feel like crying again, dont know what happened these days, but i feel i'm depressed, and miss home very much, last week when that backache got really serious i cried for hours.. i thought i was fine. but i merely seemed ok.. yesterday night i cried to sleep.. i didnt and wouldn't want to admit this, im never like that.. but now it's very difficult.. to hear your friend crying out loud, not being able to help, it made me even depressed.. my tears came out on its own.. it reminded me few days ago when i locked the room and cried on my own, trying to lower my voice.. i couldn't figure out why, it lasts too long.. hope things go well soon, hope the girls in the house will all be fine soon..

i get back and stay strong after the tears. i hope you can make it too.


summer said...


bpeng said...

staring at your blog, i feel like replying something but i don't really know what should i say..
i feel that i'm so helpless for not being able to help my friend when they are sad, it really hurts..
please, can the gloomy cloud leave our house and don't disturb my friends anymore..
i know you all will always be strong, i believe you all can.

Hsiang Yek said...

Gambateh my friend~

JeffreyChin said...

hey..ur house need some sunshine??
if need let me know lo! 加油!

HuiHui said...

i thought im strong, but im not...

huibee said...

thank you, many thanks.

hopefully soon there is the time when i read this post and comments my eyes wont go red :)

but we're learning to be, we have to..
as bpeng said, i dont know what to do too
but if you need a simple warm hug or someone to cry with you, i'll be there

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