Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday Blue

Haih.. I don't know what's wrong with me today, had been so low and moody, not even chocolate can cheer me up. Then all day long, apart from attending class in the morning and talking with mama, I did literally nothing! Supposed to start a bit reading for Thinking and Reasoning research, but.. haih.. What's wrong What's wrong? Menopause perhaps? Ahahaha.. crazy, I'm not even 22 okk. And, don't know why whenever it's assignment peak season or exam period, I'll definitely get addicted to at least one game -whatever it is. This time is at Viwawa, a game called Bridge (guess it's one of the most addicting games for me, it's different from some previous ones because I call it an intellectual game.. ha).

Then just now discussed Marv's birthday with they all, even kek sim.. I wonder whether people actually step into other's shoe and think for other.. And the conference can surround the same question for ages. I don't know why I was so irritable also.. hmm.. But they all are really quite cincai.. If I were Marv I'd be probably disappointed by us, especially it's his 21st.. Anyway, I'm not the so-called "bro" or "good friend" or whatever.. I do my best..

Something made me feel better is the conversation with mum, basically most of the times we're discussing similar topics, like their attendance to my convo this end of year, when erge's going to marry, how busy ahjeh is and how free gogo is, my weight (XD), job hunting after final, how bad the economic is, papa's knee recovery, or what happen to those 3 gu 6 poh. The delighting point is they will most probably be coming to see me and for my convo, and my sis may come with them.. well, may.. Oh whose parents are also coming? We can form an old folks group.. XD

OK. Finally, if you did notice, I said "had been so low and moody", because just now I read Felicia's fwd email ("OMFG our Miss Pageant Malaysia).. and.. really LMAO.. Please let me know if you'd like to see, for.. god sake I'm not going to forward them to everyone, feel so sorry for the girls.. but it will probably cheer you up .. : D

But still, I'm not motivated to start my assignment.. no mood.. no mood.. no mood..

P.S. When I saw the "Blue" (title there) in green, Stroop effect came to my mind.. -_-"


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