Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow Snow Snow

For the first time in a few decades.. there were heavy snow in Cheltenham!!
(and many regions in the UK) (2nd Feb)

The view from my room. It's a primary school. (5th Feb)
Those kids are the ones who normally wake me up in the morning.. Haha..

A pretty snowlady by Bee Peng and me..
hmm OK la Felicia did contribute a bit.. (5th Feb)

Snow fight + Snowman making in Hardwick campus today.. Peiman and Stephy not in the pic..(6th Feb)

Would you really love snow if you live in a city that snow throughout the winter?

I don't think I would.. they are damnnn dirty and geli!
and in fact snow brings people so much inconvenience..
(e.g. class being cancelled, public transportation not working, cars being stuck in snow, heating bills going up, bruise after snow fight -_-")
But occasionally playing snow can create so much fun!! : D
Anyway, I hope this is the last heavy snowing day..
because the snow has been sooo distracting..
it ruined my plan of doing assignments every day! :( :(
I just can't help playing them, because we really haven't got much opportunity like this!!

Snow Castle..! Never knew snow can be used like sand, I want to try!! -Taken from BBC News


life said...

wow...snow castle...i didnt know that too! i also wana try!!

EngLee said...

Economy crisis, hit with heavy snow some more! You stupid Asian, still playing with snows. Hahaha!

huibee said...

cheh, if you were here i'm 100% sure you would play also lor
eh but the thing is, those local also play a lot, my facebook a lot british upload pics like me.. ha
and when you're on the streets, the kids will take snowball to attack you randomly..

k said...

woww..that snow castle is definitely a highlight... its so gorgeous :) im starting to get bored with the snow, because it came in the wrong time. when im not feeling well... ~sigghh.

terrorgen said...

tell u, as i live in a city that people will see snow 5 months in a year...

it was exciting when it first snowed, but getting bored when u see them later, especially in March when you see snow few days after you see rain...

terrorgen said...

hah, classes in MN won't be cancelled when it snowed (unless it is ridiculously heavy)

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