Monday, February 23, 2009

WTH.. PMS Buddy?

Guess what I've found:

PMS Buddy Saving relationships, one time at a month!

And they even have it on facebook.. PMS Buddy on Facebook -_-"
Does that mean that when your auntie's visiting they'll give you (or your bf, or whoever use it) a notification? If so, the whole friends network is going to know when your auntie's visiting lor? - then they can write on your wall sending regards etc etc.. OK, perhaps I think too much, perhaps it doesnt work at all.. :D

Isn't that ridiculous? I mean, is it that serious? I know la, perhaps those stuff are set up for some kind of "Just For Fun" purposes, but I do think people may take it quite seriously..

And, ya lar, recent years I started to feel that they do affect my mood, I can get moody and very low without very apparent reasons, and I'm glad there's something to blame, i.e. the hormone. But I guess it's not everyone who get affected (right?). at least previously I wasn't and sometimes I'm not. Whereas for many people, they are like in PMS all the time - very irritable and impetuous all the time.. this includes some guys..

This reminds me our geography teacher (Ms. 翁明娇) during high school.. ahahahaha.. She used to be a good teacher and she teached really well I'd say, but the latter few years she became really impatient and @#$%^&*... Then a few guys in our class "spotted" her PMS quite accurately.. ahahahaha.. good old memory.

Anyway, perhaps somebody try the site or application, then tell us whether it's useful la k? :D


K said...

im going to try it. lol..

huibee said...

wow.. remember to share your evaluation k.. ahaha

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