Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Is Britain going bankrupt?

As most of my friends know, I normally read SinChew news and BBC (not daily but nearly). Yet never did I come across any news regarding whether or not the Britain is going bankrupt. And guess when I first got this news? It was from my parents -_-" Yea la my dad is like "digesting" the newspaper every day, but I thought this is "nearer" and more related to me, why never I came across it? Just saw the news regarding the we-think-wonderful-yet-destructive snow has cost the government more than 1 thousand million pounds.. and if it (the wonderful snow) gets "further", more than 3000 companies may close down. Haih.. I feel a bit sorry I've been expecting snow (yes, have been, it's still going on..), will share the photos I take these days next time, in a delightful post. Those are some articles I googled and think some may interest you..

"Obama is talented but he is not a magician. Instead, Gordon Brown's nightmare, in which we are all trapped, is going to get much worse."

Iain Martin: Gordon Brown brings Britain to the edge of bankruptcy

“We’ve been in a much worse position than we are today.
“People are getting unbelievably gloomy, but I have been around long enough to remember the 70s when we had to have the IMF [International Monetary Fund bail-out], we had a three-day working week, we had candles in rooms and we couldn’t get home by train.
“We are not going to have that.”

Andrew Dodge: UK going bankrupt?


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