Monday, February 02, 2009

Bitch War

Note: Just a grumbling post written yesterday.

Yesterday seems to be the worst working day since I started working here two years ago. Don't know why they made things sooo complicated. This morning the supervisor Jess scolded Emily and Jess II, later when we were all working in fitting room, I asked them what just happened -- basically just a topic la. After done, Jess asked me to give her a hand, and somehow secretly, she asked me whether Emily said anything about her to me. I was kind of shocked and just smiled, then said she didn't really say anything (a very silly lie, obviously everyone complains after they get scolded, right?) but said I did ask her what she talked to them. Then, she asked "Would you tell what they said or you don't want to tell?" Tell me, if you were me what will you answer her? Why on earth would she expect me that I'm her "gang" and I'll betray those that working hard with me? They are very new, I forgive them and give chances, but I never want to be involved in those British bitch war, I want George back! Everyone on our floor wants him back.. The sentence that I heard the most after she's become supervisor - "I'm very disappointed" So what? I'm also very disappointed and I hate working with you!! Those words make really low morale. I know they know me and they do appreciate me, sometimes after they scold everyone, they will "secretly" come to me and say those words weren't meant to say me. But that doesn't help.. and it will never help. I wonder why there are so many bitches here and why they all don't like each other, at the same time, they call each other bitch! lmao

I guess despite my age of 21+ age, I'm still no good in getting along well with people. I just make mistakes and wrong judgments all the time. Was it due to the way of avoidance? Now I'm thinking to get myself out from first floor... But there is no point of having we all leaving but them staying, we had been working really happily before they came. Why would the management blame us when there are problems? Steve met me in Tesco that day and tricked me, he even said that "we have been working together for two years you should know my voice" Right, so now does he know me well then? Ok perhaps he does, but how about the rest of the colleagues? Didn't he realize we had been all fine until Jess and Becky lead us?

It is just so happening. I feel being used. No, I was in fact being used. Perhaps most of the time when I feel sad it isn't really about me, but ... I want to stop myself from being involved, especially when people gossip.. because it makes me bias and can't judge things and people justly, but apparently I fail most of the time.. ha. It's kind of surprising.. because I still care, after all this way of brain washing. This is a sequel to the post Disgusted. ridiculous, when I reread, I realized those words still apply! It's simply a complicated world. It's fine sometimes when you scheme, but not intrigue, especially towards those that you call good friends.


hsiangyek said...

First of all, wish u happy chinese new year...
Many ppl around us will make us annoying,
but if we start to learn " not complaining, not criticizing, not blaming " from today, we will find that, many things can be different.
I am still learning it, in the process, it will be very difficult, but this is what makes us grow, and I find myself really have different view towards many issues.
so, let's learn together, shall we? ^^

Rin said...

hihi, I won't pretend I understand your situation completely as I haven't got into any bitch war for quite some time now. The last was a few years back (argh, unpleasant memories...)

Anyway, watch a funny movies, listen to upbeat songs, or hang out with other friends. Turn on your CNY mood! Don't let these bitches get to you! Cheers~~~~~~

AvuN said...

wow o.o

huibee said...

hmm dont agree, i will complain i will criticise.. they make things better, they improve our conditions.. dont you agree?
perhaps.. they are different things la
but i will learn to see things more positively :) :)

Glad to see your words : )
I did find myself focus too much on those bitch.. shouldn't had wasted time on them.. haha
Thanks for your suggestions!!

Thanks for visiting. Hehe..

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