Thursday, February 12, 2009

A New Life

I had been thinking to get something alive in my room for quite a long time, (it'd be great if it can be a dog!!) until the beginning of December last year, I've got a little "bulb" from WoolWorth when it was going to close down. Guess this is not the first time I grow a plant, (for sure, most people grow something like mung bean or water chestnut during primary school, right?) but it still excites me quite much.. especially when its grow has become so obvious day by day..!!

This is its box, a white hyacinth, originally I planned to get a blue purple one, but I thought I was going to Austria skiing trip that time and I wouldn't be able to take good care of it (in fact it doesn't really require any care..), so being stupid I didn't buy it when I first saw it in the shop. Later I realized that it was actually going to close down, and I can actually get it first, while start growing it later.. Unfortunately, few days later when I went again, there were only plenty of white left! :( :( - Anyway I do love white colour very much.. it's just the blue purple look great on it.

If you don't know what a hyacinth is, it's 风信子, sounds any familiar? Thanks to Chorpeng, because I didn't know that as well, but when I told him I bought a bawang for £3, immediately he asked whether it is 风信子.. geng ley..! OK, not going to grumble too much.. This post is dedicated to my little hyacinth - its growing process, and I'll be updating it often until it's really a grown up.. (eh, that's not a human la..)

2008.12.23 The beginning.. this was how it looked like.. a bawang, right? (Bear with me the quality of the pic, I don't understand why on earth I took a pic without focus..)

2008.12.29 About one week later.. I could finally see "something" there.. (Eh? is there a difference?)

2009.01.19 I checked it nearly daily I think, and about three weeks later, it had just made this BIT difference..

Same day, perhaps there wasn't much difference "up there", but its roots grew damn fast..

2009.01.22 it speeds up a bit, I can see its grow

2009.01.30 When I showed it to Bee Peng, she said probably by the time we graduate the flower will be there.. lol

2009.02.06 Miracle of life..

2009.02.09 It's growing very much faster now..

2009.02.10 I can see the flower.. Can you???

2009.02.11 They came out the next day.. :) :)

2009.02.12 Finally.. (notice the dates, it started growing fast fairly recently..)

Same day, another view.. I can see that it will be very pretty.. hahaha.. What do you think?


bpeng said...

it looks like the bawang picit very hard to get everything out..

but yerr.. why got flower already you also didn't show me one...

huibee said...

because you always pour me cold water.. so i want to let it grow bigger and "prettier" only show you ma. hahaha..

yes lor, when I scroll down and look at the pics like that, also feel the bawang is like.. "vomitting" the flowers out difficutly ..

summer said...


Peng said...

wah wah wah!!! i have been looking forward to seeing these pictures lo!!!

this is my first time seeing this plant naked.
Last time mine was already planted in soil, and the bawang is brown in colour. and when i bought it, there was green shoot on the bawang d... so never seen how the green shoot grows! this looks awesome!

Deliver one to aussie for me leh, wakaka, hope wooly will sell it during winter also.

Know what, I just threw the dead hyacinth plant away right before CNY. It has been there for a year, haha!!

huibee said...


不是我不要寄 是你那里没有那个天气让它长.. 哈哈 :P


hahaha, ya la, because of you la, i so ganjiong went to buy and grew it lor

Wolly bankrupt edy, if next time you there got sell, send one blue purple one to me, thank you in advance :D

Yer.. then you'd better dont buy..!! i think i still keep the pic, the one with red colour thingy on the pot around it one right?

ck said...

miracle of life..hahha..lik sayin baby loh..

i can c dat it will b pretty also =)

summer said...


huibee said...


indeed, i wonder how i will be if i really carry and "grow" a baby in my body.. :D


嗯..其实m'sia也有买吧,它长大后就要在室温成长了.. 就只差没机会看它从bawang里爆出来的过程..
(你在我的blog讲话,干嘛还要放huibee:啦 哈哈)

EngLee said...

How long will it last?

(wu lui lang spends 3 pound for that thing)

huibee said...

actually, it didnt say how long it will last.
cheaper than £3 la, coz closing down got sale, but i forgot how much..

eh better than last time we bought the gold fishes back then ended up.. haha..

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