Monday, March 02, 2009


I feel so much better now, thank you very much for whoever showed concerns
they're all very much appreciated
I don't know what happened and I thought I could be so depressed that you know, in term of clinically depressed, in term of mental health problem
because I sat in front of the laptop and crying for nothing, yup, it may not be nothing, it's just something that I don't even can give a guess..
And I think that's because I'm a psychologist, it makes me aware of many things, that as a so-called normal people shouldn't be aware of..
anyway, I'm OK now, getting better I guess, trying best not to just pretend good but be real good, and hoping people around me are all fine too.

This morning Jeff, Shinyee and I went to a park for a ... WALK
I wanted to go jogging, serious, for many reasons,
for the feeling of sweating and healthy..
for my old best mate who was once jogging 7km marathon with me
for a pair of jogging shoes that I wished to buy but I quited jogging.. lol
(but for some sorts of reasons we ended up just walking)
The place was really nice.. It made me feel really fresh after coming back..
and felt the local life.. bringing your kids around, to the playground, to look at the little animals, to feel the spring, to simply breath the fresh air..
it's a bit odd la.. having that kind of retiree life at my age, but the feeling was good, as you get to leave you assignments problems difficulties and pain ...
we saw old couples walking and sitting by the lake, and imagining 50 years later.. :D

But.. I don't feel the motivation, the power, the force come to me yet
don't feel like doing many works yet..
whereas in fact in 3 weeks time, the last semester of my uni is officially coming to an end, 3 weeks!
need some motivation.. or perhaps .. stress?
This Friday we're going to Birmingham for the All England badminton tournament!!!
It's just a quater final though
but I'm still damn excited with it..
hopefully get to see some nice matches..

Want to go to Alton Tower, to go skiing, to plan my not-so-bright future, to travel with Sammi and the others, to some nice cities in the UK, to sit down and have nice chats and laugh for silly things, to go picnic etc etc..
So many things to do, yet so little time left..
Hmmm.. I may not blog that often..

Best of luck to everyone out there, whatever you're doing.. : )


ck said...

all england!!! wat time?? i can watch u.. shout louder ok.. lolll

really ok d ah?

huibee said...

ehmm 1am- 6.30am on sat, need me to wake you up? ahahah..

ya, much better edy.

ck said... need.. i think i not sleep yet

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