Saturday, March 07, 2009

All England Super Series Badminton Tournament 2009

I can't believe that!! I had been wanting to go to watch since I came to the UK, and thanks very very much to Jeffrey (for what? I dont know!), I think it's he and me that make this happened! Although it's not the final match, I'm more than happy and contented today.. really, very seriously. Let's start the day from the noon, when we (Bpeng and me) were in the train..

Marv called me, asking where we were and guess what? they were having lunch in the same restaurant with Lee Chong Wei, Tan Boon Heong and their coaches. OMGGGG!! I was damn excited after hearing that, and feel like jump from the train and run there!!

After arriving, we rushed ourselves there to meet Marv, WaiLeng and Dayna. At the second I pushed the door in, guess who was at the other side of the door....... Taufik!! Then, trying to calm myself, we sat down first and started a bit chatting, while waiting Chongwei they all to finish their meals.

What next? two persons passed by, WaiLeng and Dayna were saying something like "two gays", but I recognized them!! the one walking at the front was Xie Xin Fang (谢杏芳), and of course the guy walking with her was Lin Dan (林丹).. I got kind of excited and asked Marv, shall we.....?!?!

Then immediately, not even Waileng being able to react, Marv, Bpeng and me ran to chase them.. lollll.. I swear, I never did this in my life, I never chase Leehom, SHE, Yanzi or whoever!! And my first time is for LinDan.. -_-" Then we realized two of them were pak-tor-ing.. But insisted not to let ourselves regret, we decided to interupt them.. while Marv and I were still discussing who and how to approach them, Bpeng already went to say "不好意思" (excuse me).. Then we took photos with them..!!!!!!! although they didnt seem to be very happy, but still quite friendly la.. (at least didnt say no ma!) I was so excited that my hands shaked! Before we left, we did remember to 加油 for them..

Superstar Lindan and his pretty gf.

Then with such huge excitements, 3 of us went back and took photos with ChongWei and Kuan Beng Hong, at this time, Tan Boon Heong went to toilet -_-" (when he came out and saw us taking photos, he walked out directly...)

The Malaysian happy family.. :D

Guess who took this photo? The couch!! lol.. they're very friendly!!
Look at his smile, so ... err.. fake yet real, guess he learnt that from me..
Next I saw Marv and WaiLeng busy taking photos with the couches, whereas ChongWei was doing nothing there, so I approached him and said "宗伟,可以跟你再拍张照吗" OMFG, I called him ChongWei... -_-" it's like we are old mates or something like that.. *shy*

Errr.. I feel I look like a superstar, more than he does.. XD

The world number 1s, I've met them both!! taken photos..!! We were so excited and couldn't calm ourselves down for such a long time..!! seriously... My brain wasn't functioning after that, didn't even feel like eating although I was really hungry! It's kind of waste not taking pics with Tan and also Taufik.. it'd be perfect if we'd met Koo Tan also..

Then in the evening, we walked to the NIA to watch the quarter final matches. Kind of disappointing and I guess it doesn't really worth my sleeping time to blog about it.. Ahahaha.. just kidding, but the matches of the Men Doubles, both were disappointing.. : ( we watched 4 Malaysians games, and only ChongWei won.. Even Koo and Tan lost : (

But it was GREAT!! to support the Malaysian team live! not on the TV, not shouting to the TV, but there, when you shouted "malaysia boleh" or "xx jia you", they can hear it! To see some live matches just right in front your eyes, and our seats were great too! To feel the smash and the reactions of the audience.. very ganjiong!! To shout randomly with some other unknown yet familiar malaysians. To meet those superstars.. well worth.. seriously!

Very happy today, very distinct exciting experience.. Hope the Malaysian badminton has brighter future.. and those top seeded players can be... more stable! I'd want to go again if there is another opportunity! Malaysia Boleh!!


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you were damn lucky weh...

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jor! reading at your blog makes me feel excited again!!!!
i'm worring next time whenever people mention about lee chong wei/lin dan/taufik we'll just get excited immediately..

JC said...

jom!!! sunday go again!! Lindan vs Chong wei...

ck said...

u!!!! how lucky ur!!!
din take sign 4 me?? lol

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