Thursday, March 26, 2009

The End

It came to the very end of week 12 of semester 2 of my final year
Attended two lectures today -
Tim Jones' Mental Health & the Elderly and Jonathan Elcock's Social Constructionism
And.. that's it!
We took a few pictures in our favourtite lecture room TC001 (:
not going to write too much about my 3 years uk uni life, perhaps until I finish my exam on 7th of May

Totally have no life recently
Sleep at 2am, or sometimes 5am, 3pm, 5pm
and have dinner at 9pm or 12am
totally random!
Just sleep whenever I feel my brain isn't functioning
then wake up in 3-6 hours, ignoring the real world day and night time -_-"
Apart from myself, I think the thing that works hard as well is my alarm clock XD
Anyway, why am I free to blog?
Today I went to see my diss supervisor Kerry Rees
Guess what!! he allows me to hand in my final draft on Monday
it changed the fact from 2000-word-a-day to 1000-word-a-day, plus the reference, appendix and some amendments.. Love him!!
I really wonder why - I'm probably the earliest who started my diss - before summer last year, but ended up having no life to finish it up. huibee, damn sat bai la you..
Really appreciate Kerry's help, hope I'll be able to work out the best of my final of final draft.
And then, 3 final papers waiting for me - shouldn't be a big problem
hopefully I will be working hard enough to impress myself (please remind HuiBee about this as often as you can..)
just realized I haven't talked to mama for 2-3 weeks -_-"
Can they still remember they have a daughter in the UK?!?!

one final thing -
HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to the girl that deserve all the happiness in the world - PEIMAN!!


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