Sunday, January 11, 2009

Working opportunity

I don't really know how it is like to be working 9-5 daily
but I guess that's what most people do
Have a high school friend who just worked for 3 months
and he started to feel kind of bored and sick of working life,
like hmmm... think that he works because he simply ought to..
I'm not going to comment about people who don't like working
because I don't think I'm eligible to do so..
perhaps when I start full time work I can't even stand for one month? : P

But this morning I saw a news.. and guess what..
in Seoul there is a Ph.D candidate who competes with another 62 koreans for 5 job positions
among them there are 11 people who at least hold a degree/diploma..
you must be thinking, those must be jobs of specialised field...
NO!!! They are 5 vacancy of STREET CLEANER!!
ok, please, please note that I don't despise or hold any prejudice against street cleaners
(in fact I kind of respect them...)
but, think about it, or imagine that you were the Ph.D candidate..
s/he has spent more than half of his/her life studying and end up competing for a street cleaner vacancy which apparently doesn't require those knowlegde that s/he has acquired.. how desperate s/he wants a job..!! just a job, whatever it is..
You know, I can't imagine that.. is the economy that bad now?
(indeed.. the UK has been facing its worst economic crisis in 60 years)
Do those who have been grousing about their works now feel (at least a bit) grateful?
I mean, at least most of you get the job that you want,
get the job that's related to your degree/studies, or get the job that you're interested in..
yes sometimes life sucks.. I can't stand waking up really early every Saturday to work also..
but ... hmmm.. life could be worse, especially when the economic crisis hit like now, all we can do is just to sort things out, to make life better by trying hard..
anyway, whatever la, all I want to say, is ..
be grateful and appreciate what you've got kkk...: )


hsiangyek said...

Ur friend sure feel very grateful for having such a good friend like you,
go n tell him that he is actually very lucky now, haha!
(go and check ur mailbox)

huibee said...

hahahaha.. yes,
your friend is also very lucky having a friend like you :) :)

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