Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birmingham Short Trip

Updated: Photos of what I've bought

Went to Birmingham with Bpeng, Stephy and Sammi today
and had DimSum there!!
Well, it's obviously not as nice as those we normally have in m'sia,
but it's still good enough to make me satisfied :) :)
Initially, this was supposed to be a food trip,
which we planned to eat dimsum- shop for food- eat asam laksa,
but ended up...
eat dimsum- shop for clothes- spent most of our time in Zara- shop for food- dabao egg tart
thank you Sammi for treating us and our housemates the egg tart
I bought a black ski jacket in Zara, it costs me only £10!
thanks to Bpeng for picking it..

and got another funnel shape check white coat from Jane Norman, nice nice..
love it very much.

The sale that you will never find in Malaysia, it was originally £90 but I bought it with £26+

And these as well...

Supposed we should get ourselves some red colour clothes for Chinese New Year
but all of us failed =/
Anyway, I can feel quite much of CNY now.. from My Fm (to listen), from people around me, from msn, and I'm going to make some fishes and other decorations with bpeng's red packets
One last thing: stop asking me whether I'm going back for CNY and why not..
I'm NOT, we have no holiday at all... but I'll try my best to make it happen next year : )


EngLee said...

How about some pictures of what you have bought?

ck said... of shopaholic?

yaaa i wan 2 c the funnel shape coat....ahaha..

hsiangyek said...

long time din leave comment to u le...
although u r not coming back,
most importantly u don't forget CNY la, haha!
my fm new year song really nice, i almost 24 hours listen to it recently...
btw, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

huibee said...

Photos updated

eyy we are not shopaholic k..
ok perhaps they are, but im definitely not : P

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