Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've been staying in this town for more than two years. Initially the impression that it gave me was boring, boring, and boring. Right, for sure, for 19 years, I lived in a place that have huge shopping centres open till at least 10pm, after that you can visit mamak, and there is night market packed with people. I spent six years in an independent school and had long hours lectures and awful lots of activities after class and during holidays. So, how on earth is it possible for a people like me to like a so damn boring place like this?

And yet, I like it so much now. I guess my mind, my habits are 'aging'.. Because it's a place with lots of elderly, and we heard it received some kind of award that referring it as the most suitable for those retirees before we came. Now I like its slow motions, I like its peacefulness, I like the tranquility, I like those friendly old ladies who talk to you so randomly, and somewhat like it snowing so randomly...

Haih.. strange right? I wonder whether I can get used to new environment if it's going to busy and fast? Because I'm thinking to get a job here, here in the uk, not at cheltenham, as I can see Cheltenham is just a small place, which doesnt provide good working opportunity. But I don't feel like leaving here, yet... I want to explore other cities in the UK, to help me reconfirm that this really isn't a country that I'd like.. lol. In some terms, I guess Cheltenham is already one of the best - the conclusion when we visited Manchester.

Eh? so why am I writing about Cheltenham Spa (in which I don't even know how it got the name SPA?)? Because I saw the Facebook group saying that Cheltonians are those ridiculously good looking people. Eh.. I've been wondering why I didn't see those good looking ang mo (Caucasion) that we normally see from media since I came here (all I can see is just how serious their health problem caused by obesity). I even wonder whether I should conclude that those really-good-looking are all on tv, the rest.. hmm.. ahem.. Previously I thought it may be due to the place I'm in, it may be better in other places, but.. hmm.. obviously it is not, since those Cheltonians think they are ridiculously good looking!

Anyway, despite the ok-looking people, it's still a nice place to live in, to learn more about older England, to interact more with the British. And, at least, apart from the retirees, it's also a very ideal place for studying... : P


bpeng said...

haha.. that's why we are in cheltenham.. to make it more like a Home of Ridiculously Ridiculously Good-Looking People... u get what i mean? >.<

EngLee said...

Caucasian not Caucasion!

Human only knows to appreciate when they are about to lose it. So, you are simply one of them.

Peng said...

haha~~~ here in adelaide is also the same, no more night outing at mamak stall, no more late closing shopping centre, basically no night life that we used to have but night BEER DRINKING!

but, I m getting in love with it, slow living rhythm, friendly people (somehow i feel they are too talkative though), fresher air...

By the way, good looking people ar, come Australia lah!! hahaha..... good looking people as media always shows do exist on the street in real life over here!

huibee said...

sure.. but im too humble to say that
hahahah.. :P

not bad, not many people can pick my spelling mistake.. haha
i do agree.. but your sis has learnt very much on how to be appreciative after leaving home : )

apa HERE in adelaide, you're in m'sia now ley.. haha
yea la, the thing is i dont like clubbing, otherwise it shouldn't be as boring as i feel
you sure? so you must have kind of 破坏市容? XD
but those aussie were originally from britain long long time ago also ma.. wont be how different lor weh..
i will see whether i've chance to visit you or not.. haha

Peng said...

= =" your head lah.... malaysia chinese also orinigated from CHINA mah!! you dare to say you are SIMiLAR to china chinese!?

huibee said...

eh you need to admit that in fact we really look quite similar to them ma.. right?
i mean, the appearance la, especially from the views of those non-chinese..

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