Saturday, January 03, 2009

Human Trafficking (2005)

Every day young girls are bought and sold...

It was originally a mini-series and then in the year of 2006, DVD was released, starred Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland and Rémy Girard, talking about women being trafficked all around the world (and thus scenes were set in quite a few cities like Prague, New York, Manila etc) and acts taken to stop the organization from trafficking people...

For me I love this kind factual based movies, especially we don't get to see this on media often, while in fact things are just happening all around the world, although watching the whole 2 hour 40 minutes DVD sounds too long to me. I'd not want to compare and say how lucky we are, but I learnt that there is so much to do to make the world better, and, every little helps (Oops! Tesco's slogan XD).

It's very strange sometimes, to think about this, from the female perspective, that feminist has been there for decades, that in general, I'd say things are fair enough for many of us, that I could scarcely think of any gender discrimination or prejudice in my life (apart from some silly jokes). But human trafficking is still out there, women could be treated like trade objects and sexual objects... and guess what, I'm reading A thousand Splendid Suns (from the author of the kite runner - Khaled Hosseini), besides those modern slavery, I see women and children are still victims of domestic violence, and many of them are living under very inapprehensible rules... Why? For me it doesn't matter if those rules are not understandable as long as they themselves accept the rules and live happily under it, but how if they don't, is there anything they can do?

I mean, I don't think there would be completely genuine equality, especially when it comes to gender equality, because people have been born differently, at times she is better at others he is better, I don't even see any need to be equal in many cases. If you get what I mean, like he was born better in directions, so he reads the maps; she was born better in nurturing, so she rears the kids (just examples..). But, just due to the slight weaker physical body that women have (and some other variables that come with or after it), how much have they been suffering? And this can't be changed fundamentally, it seems all that can be done, other than cognizance of human itself, is through law, the so-called justice system.. But but but.. you and me know how many illegal activities carrying through and how many legal actions can be taken... [out of topic]

Back to the movie, I'd say it's worth spending the time, if you want your view widen on a world's reality... : )


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